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The History Factor is an award winning multi-platform history content producer; highlighting exciting, important and awesome stories from the past!

his·to·ry • /ˈhist(ə)rē/: An analysis and interpretation of past events and experiences

fac·tor • /ˈfaktər/: A circumstance, fact or influence which has to be taken into account, or which affects a particular result, decision or situation

History Factor: The influence and affect history has on a particular result, decision or situation

Behind every action and event there is an important and contributing “history factor”. By understanding the “history factor” we can navigate current events, comprehend conflicts past and present, and fully appreciate the diverse world we live in.


An in-depth look at some fascinating stories from the past, complete with hands on investigation, gripping eyewitness interviews, and passionate guest contributors

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Highlighting important anniversaries and events from the past and why they matter

About James Ellis,
The Founder & Host!

James is a Canadian Screen Award (CSA) nominated Producer, Writer, Director and Host, specializing in history and true crime television programming